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The Uniservice BedTM is an innovation that helps to provide a spectrum of medical and hygienic services to an immobile person without disturbing, moving, or lifting the patient. The bed facilitates a full range of services with a minimum physical effort on the part of the care provider.

A full-scale working prototype demonstrates some of the features and advantages of the patented design:

The bed can be used in private homes as well as in medical and long-term care facilities. Experts see advantages of the bed in a variety of specialty fields such as orthopedics, burn care, geriatrics, etc.

We believe that the Uniservice Bed has the potential to save the health-care industry and private individuals millions of dollars -- by saving time, reducing on-the-job injuries for care providers, and reducing workers compensation claims. Moreover, it can dramatically improve medical services and enhance the dignity of bedridden individuals. By simplifying routine hygiene-related tasks, the Uniservice Bed could allow home care for a patient who otherwise would require institutional care.

The Company is now ready for the next level of development and is looking for investment to bring the project to the pre-production stage. Our current goal is to design and build 12 units for clinical trials.

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